Your Rights When Dealing With Debt Collectors (Part 1)

 by: Michael Saunders

How Creditors Track You Down: This area of the law is formally called "Acquisition of Location Information." It basically limits what debt collectors can do to legally find you. For instance, debt collectors:

1. Can't tell third parties, such as your boss or neighbors that they're trying to reach you about a debt.

2. Shall only say to others that they're trying to confirm or correct your location (and not mention your debt).

3. Must not communicate with any one else (like your supervisor) more than once, unless the debt collector believes the location information given was erroneous or incomplete.

4. Are not supposed to mail you anything via postcard, either at home or at your place of employment.

5. Can't use any kind of mailing, envelope, or other communication that would let someone else know that the company is a debt collection agency.

6. Are prohibited from contacting you once you notify them in writing that you are represented by an attorney and give them the attorney's name/address.

The Way Debt Collectors Communicate About You: This area of the law prevents collection agencies from hounding you or trying to embarrass you by telling others your personal business. The law states that debt collectors:  (continued...)
Your Rights When Dealing With Debt Collectors (Part 1)
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