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Credit Repair Secrets Revealed

Guess what? I worked for probably THE BIGGEST Credit repair company in New York for 4 years. I know everything there is to know about fixing credit, and today I am revealing every little secret they use in fixing bad credit. Oh boy will they hate me after this...Evil Smile :~} I Will Show You How The Biggest Credit Repair Company Fix Bad Credit. And You Will Be Able To Do It Better With Ease. (Read On To See How You Can Fix Credit Better Than A Credit Repair Company Can.)

The Truth about Credit Repair:

If you perform an online search for Credit Repair you will find many companies claiming to fix your credit. You will also find government web sites trying to show people that credit repair companies are scams. These government sites tell you that credit cannot be fixed by anyone!

They tell you that only time can fix bad credit. Well guess what? That's not true. Yes time can fix bad credit but who wants to wait 10 years for something negative to come off their credit report…NOBODY. They say that only inaccurate and outdated information can be removed from a credit report. But the truth is that they have to be able to prove that it is accurate in a certain amount of time, and that's where credit repair companies come into play.

Credit bureaus truly have a hard time proving to good credit Repair Company that the negative accounts are accurate. So they are forced to delete these negative items. The only reason these government websites exist is that the Credit Bureaus spend millions of dollars every week because of credit repair companies. The credit bureaus spend all this money on performing investigations and replying to the investigations that the credit repair companies strategically request.

Here is the TRUTH. The following can be removed from your credit report.

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